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For a decade we’ve connect soloprenuers to brands, investors and communities.


 Startups book studio time in adjustable monthly or quarterly time blocks. Each studio has a purpose and engages a diverse team of portable creatives.

Studio D


We build Web, powered by our custom WordPress theme RE:Studio, to attract investors and subscribers.

Studio C

We author Story about what soloprenuers do for others. Brand is a timeless symbol of their work.

Studio B

We develop custom social Networks, Web Apps, to capture members, subscribers and customers.

Studio A

We design analog studios or a pop-up Neighborhood to connect solopreneurs and brands to the community.


We are RE:INNOVATING Workspace, Workflow and Worktime in 41 cities, and 5 countries worldwide. Our team builds scalable real world business models for studios backed by digital communities and analog neighborhoods.



Web + Story + Brand

Joi is a national award winning web design maven and Chief Visionary Officer of RE:INNOVATING, with a 15 year background in digital marketing, web design, and SEO. Her business acumen is only surpassed by her insatiable passion for technology, which she teaches along with sustainable digital marketing techniques, to soloprenuers, small business owners, and start-ups.



Story + Brand

Reda is our in house journalist and copywriter. Coincidentally, she is writing this paragraph in the third person which makes her feel weird. Reda’s focus is on the copywriting and editing of business models, proposals and digital decks for RE:INNOVATING clients and generating creative marketing strategies. She is enthusiastic about travel, bourbon and pygmy hippos.




We are always hunting for fresh blood. If you want a career where you can work remotely in studios with soloprenuers and startups around the world, and at our Studio in Brooklyn, NY visit our tech jobs. We are currently matching candidates with our social marketing, business development and photography positions.