The Digital Birth of a Brooklyn Real Estate Agency 

L. Nelson

Web + Brand + Story

How do we honor history while leveraging modernity? L. Nelson, a landmark Brooklyn based real estate agency needed a website, story and aesthetic as beautiful as their brownstone office. Owned and operated by women of color, L. Nelson has been in business for over twenty years. Known by name and reputation throughout Brooklyn, L. Nelson needed an online identity that could compete in today’s real estate climate. Rivals beware; we created a brand that celebrates its legacy while looking ever forward to its future.

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The L. Nelson story is not just about matching people to homes, but integrating them into the fabric of a neighborhood.



Here’s a breakdown of our workflow in Studio C.



While known and respected throughout Brooklyn, L. Nelson lacked a web presence that would broaden their visibility or an online index of their offerings to attract new clients. We got to work elevating this distinguished business to a digital platform. The focus of our L. Nelson website design was a user friendly search engine that could quickly and beautifully display property listings. Mission success. The search engine is the cornerstone of the site, bolstered by the clean lines of the brand guide and clear copy of the L. Nelson story.



The L. Nelson brand guide is warm tones and clean lines. The winning logo is an homage to the arches of the company’s 19th century brownstone offices. Background images and color palette recall the worn bricks of Brooklyn, replicating the feeling of neighborhood streets and farmiliar front doors. Our typeface of  choice for L.Nelson is sans serif. Like the brand itself the font is as classic as it is bold. Our brand guide creates cohesion as users scroll through the site and the singular strength of the logo announces L. Nelson’s newfound command of the digital space. 



The L. Nelson story is not just about matching people to homes, but integrating them into the fabric of a neighborhood. L. Nelson is home grown but civic minded. Their story is one of the enduring strength of community in a rapidly gentrifying borough. We crafted copy to communicate the pillars that differentiate this agency from their competitors. Our tagline of “find your stoop” is a reflection of the warmth and inclusivity that are hallmarks of the L. Nelson brand.


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